Ways to Win at Blackjack

Every year or two a new blackjack book is published that purports to give players a sure-fire system for winning at blackjack without card counting. And every year, casinos remain safe in their profits despite the stampede of players arriving daily to deploy these new systems and head off to blissful early retirement.Most of these “new” systems are variations on betting systems that have been around since cavemen started rolling bones over who would get the choicest cut of that day’s hunt. System sellers know that there are tens of thousands of blackjack players who have tried to learn to count cards, but didn’t have the time or dedication needed to master the strategy, and now are in the market for a simpler way to beat the game.Is there no hope for the player who does not want to learn card counting?Actually, there are quite a few professional blackjack players who make a great living at the game without counting. The easiest way professional gamblers win at blackjack without counting is by playing at casinos that offer gifts for playing. For example, some online casinos will give you free money (called a bonus) equal to the amount you’ve deposited to play on. You are typically required to put some action on their tables in order to withdraw the free money.If you deposit $100 into one of these casinos, receive $100 free as a bonus, and must put $2000 in action on the casino’s blackjack tables at a house edge of 0.5 percent in order to withdraw the free money, the long-term cost to you of meeting the wagering requirement is $2000 times 0.5 percent, or $10. That is, although you may win more or less on any particular play, over time and many plays of this type it will cost you, on average, $10 to meet this wagering requirement. This means that on average, this play will leave you $90 in profit to withdraw with your original deposit.Since there are many online casinos that offer deals like this, with many offering such bonuses again and again, there are actually professional gamblers who make a living at online blackjack bonus play.Casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Mississippi and elsewhere will often give similar valuable gifts to entice people to play on their blackjack tables. A common gift is free promotional chips to play on the casino’s tables. If you win on the chips, you keep the money. If you lose the chips, you’ve lost nothing, because you got the chips for free. Any time you spot a gamble where you can win but not lose, grab it!Other casinos offer coupons, sometimes called “Lucky Bucks”, to promote their blackjack games. A typical coupon may be a “match play”–you bet an amount up to some limit (say $10) and the casino coupon essentially becomes a matching bet on your hand. If you lose, you’re out the $10 you bet. But if you win, the dealer pays you on both your bet and the match play. On most blackjack hands, that means you win $20 for risking only $10.If you win $20 on half your blackjack hands, and lose $10 on the other half, you’re profiting, on average, $5 for every $10 you bet, for a 50 percent edge! (The actual edge will be a bit lower, because of the cost of the house edge on your hands, and because players actually win a little less than half of the blackjack hands they play, but you would still be playing with an edge that professional blackjack players would die for.)The key to winning at blackjack from bonuses, free play chips, and coupons is to play perfect basic strategy (to keep down the house edge), give the casino as little wagering as possible in return for the free money (again to keep down the house edge), and be able to stay in the game long enough for the short-term fluctuations to even out.

Casino Tax Refund Assists in Getting Money Lost to Casino Withholding Tax

A win in the lotteries, casinos, gaming tournaments, horse and dog racing, game shows, keno and other wins in the USA can make you ecstatic but usually this feeling is dampened by the IRS. Whatever you win is subject to casino tax and the IRS withholds 30% of it. This at times could prove to be very expensive. One could be even compelled to think of the IRS to be taking what lady luck has blessed with. During these times of recession and reduction of wages 30% of the win means a lot of money.There are people who do not know that 30% of the wining sum withheld by the IRS as casino withholding tax can be claimed back; one just needs to comply with the legal formalities stipulated by the law. If you are ignorant about this casino tax rebate clause it is neither the fault of the judiciary nor the IRS. It is your ignorance that is responsible for the financial loss.One need not worry about the 30% of the win just because there are firms that can get one the whole or at least a part of the money that is with held by the IRS. One can claim the casino rebate within 3 years from the date of winning the amount. So if you have won the money within the last 3 years you can claim the refund from the IRS.There are companies that offer professional assistance to avail the casino tax refund. One needs to first check the authenticity and genuineness of the company offering these services. There are transparent companies that reveal all the ins and outs of this service on their websites. One should study this information in detail and then avail the services. The quality of the service and the service charges levied by the companies are also of prime importance.A simple click on the websites of these companies makes you go through a series of simple steps and brings your money back from the jaws of the IRS. A bit of market research and chatting with your friends can reveal that there are many trustworthy companies that can help you at casino tax rebate.There are companies that will help you at casino tax refund even if you have won in the games in other countries too. The list of countries, that allow casino tax rebate refund on the money won, include France, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, Austria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Russian Federation, Spain, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Tunisia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Latvia, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, and Ukraine.